7 Important Points to Remember While Moving

Moving home or office from one place/city to another is a big. It requires time, planning and efforts. To get hassle-free relocating experience you need to take care of many things. Here are 7 important things you must remember while move home or office from one place/city to another. Have a look at these imperative points.

1. It is advisable that you should accept only written estimates whether it is binding or non-binding. Binding estimate assures that you will not have to pay more than the amount on the estimate. On the other hand, non-binding estimate is “APPROXIMATION” only and the actual cost may be higher than the estimated cost for your move.

2. Never sign the blank or incomplete documents. Make sure the document you sign is complete. Make sure you understand the terms & conditions of movers before singing the agreements with any one.

3. Make sure the packers and movers are insured and will cover the loss if your goods are damaged unfortunately in transit. Read thoroughly the insurance paper and understand the moving company’s responsibility for loss or damage of your belongings.

4. Notify your packers and movers if you have high value items and fragile belongings for shipment. It is recommended that you ought to pack items of high value (jewelry, hobby collection, bank documents, bills, credit card statements, cheque books, landownership papers, etc) on your own. Carry the things on your own and never load them onto the moving truck as they are not easily replaceable. Professional packing is best for fragile items.

5. You must be present during the time of packing & loading and unloading and unpacking. It is your right. Many professional companies charge of the basis of weight of your belongings and so you have the right to be present each time your belongings are weighed. Even you can also ask them to reweigh for your satisfaction.

6. Make it clear the moving company will not charge you any hidden cost. Confirm the mode of payments and types of payments acceptable. Remember you should not provide full payments in advance to any moving company.

7. The most important thing to check with packers and movers is whether the company is registered, experienced and reliable, or not. You must go with experienced and legitimate moving company. It is imperative to avoid moving scams.

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