Relocation Stress Syndrome: How to Lessen the Relocation Stress

Relocation Stress Syndrome (RSS) is a term that is used to define the stress, disturbances, turbulences and negative effects that individuals may experience when relocating from one place to another. It is sometimes also termed as Moving Blues, Transfer Trauma and Transitional Trauma. Anxiety, depression, withdrawal, confusion, and dependency are five primary symptoms of transitional trauma. Other symptoms of RSS may include hopelessness, loneliness, sleeplessness, financial strain, need for excessive reassurance, stomach aches, headaches, backaches, and high blood pressures. Although relocation stress syndrome affects individuals of all ages, it is a very serious concern for the elder ones. Elderly people can suffer severe physical and psychological symptoms of moving blues or transfer trauma. They can face issues like anti-social behavior, rapid weight loss, hermiting, isolation, forgetting to take medications, and forgetting personal hygiene.

Ways to Lessen the Relocation Stress or Transfer Trauma

Help from professional moving companies
Moving from one place to another can cause to relocation stress syndrome which is the worst case and may last for several months to more than a year. To make relocation easy and get rid of stresses involved with the process, it is advisable that an individual must seek assistance from qualified, experienced and knowledgeable moving managers or removal companies. Professional moving companies or packers and movers can significantly help an individual with minimizing the stress of moving or completely getting rid of transfer trauma though careful planning and hassle-free execution of relocating process. (Learn tips on choosing a right mover)

Planning ahead for the move
For a stress-free residential relocation, an individual must do things well in advance. Planning ahead for the move and getting prepared for the unexpected happenings will help reduce the symptoms of relocation stress syndrome. A moving checklist will help you plan your move in a systematic and organized manner. There are certain items you should always pack yourself and take with you only, and not send with the packers and movers. You should handle things of your children and elderly members yourself. Medicines, children’s toys, collectables, and important documents like passports, educational certificates, birth certificates, cheque-books, and insurance bond papers should be taken with you only.

If you have decided to pack your belongings yourself then it is the best to start it as early as possible. You should have a good packing plan and an inventory of items so that you can pack things correctly in an organized and systematic way. You should collect good quality packing supplies and sturdy boxes to make packing safe and secure.

Communication with kids and elderly members
Kids and elderly members can be the most affected with the relocation stress syndrome. Hence you need to communicate with your kids and elderly members. You need to reassure them with positive attitudes so that they can get out of their worries and feel, it is ok to move.

Performing yoga or relaxing exercises
You should mentally prepared with the fact that you have to relocate. You should not take too much tension about it. You need to relax and make your mind calm. You need to be positive and stay in touch with relatives and friends. In simple way, you need to reassure yourself first. Relaxing exercises can reduce the stress of relocation. Yoga, medication, pranayama, or some other relaxing exercises can all significantly help you in reducing or getting rid of the tension of relocating home.

I hope ideas aforementioned in this article will help you significantly in getting move without getting the moving blues. Have you ever experienced moving blues? Have you suffered with RSS? What steps have you taken to lessen relocation stress and make your move easy? You can share your own opinion with us.

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