What Not to Pack When You Move

There are some items that professional packers and movers will not allow to move, especially if you are moving long distance. No moving companies will allow you transport hazardous, poisonous, flammable, corrosive and perishable things. There are also some other non-transportable items. High value items such as jewelry are also considered to be non-transportable items. So it is advisable that you ought to carry high value items with you only. You should never put jewelry on moving truck.

Non-transportable Items Checklist

Hazardous Materials

Removal companies will not allow transport hazardous materials such as explosives, flammable liquids & solids, compressed gasses, poisons, oxidizers, corrosives, combustible liquids and radioactive materials.


Acid Ammonia
Acetone Adhesive
Alcohol & Alcoholic Beverages Battery with Acids
Bleach Bullets
Blasting caps Car Batteries
Chemistry Sets Cleaning Fluid
Charcoal Corrosive Liquids
Charcoal briquettes Firearms
Fireworks Fertilizers
Darkroom Chemicals Dyes
Disinfectants Dynamite similar explosives
Denatured alcohol Gasoline
Guns, Loaded Guns, Bullets Iron/Steel Rust Preventives
Insecticides Inverter Batteries
Kerosene Oil Lighting Fluid
Lamp Oil Liquid Bleach
Liquors Motor Oil
Matches and Match Boxes Nail Polish
Nail Polish Remover Paints and Pain Thinner
Pesticides or other poisons Petrol, Petroleum Oils
Pest Control Products Pool Chemicals
Propane Residential Batteries
Sterno Shoe polish
Stains Varnish
Varnish Remover Wood Filler
Weed Killers

Perishable Materials

If you are moving home from one locality to another then you can take perishable items with you, but you will need to pack and store them properly. If you are moving for long distance then it does not sense to transfer perishables. You must avoid them for transporting. It is advisable that you should consume them till the day of moving if you can. If you also want to move your outdoor plants then make sure moving company is ready for that. You should also ensure that plants are properly packed and stored. Here is sample list of perishable items you should not pack for move.

Frozen Food Plants & Flower Plants
Produce Grocery
Refrigerated Foods Food in Glass Jars
Eggs and Meats Dairy Products
Cheese, Paneer & Butter Vegetables & Fruits
Canned Juices & Drinks Pouched Juices & Drinks
Oils & Fats

High Value Items

It is always advisable that you ought to transport items of high values, personal importance and sentimental values on with you. You should never place them on the moving truck as they are not easily replaceable. Here is sample list of such items.

Address Books Collectables
Children Artwork Cash and Jewelry
Family Photos Art Collections
Stamp Collections Hobby Collections
Coins Collections Family Photos
Marriage License Passport
Birth Certificate School, College Certificates
Insurance Papers Checkbooks
Deeds & Wills Bonds, Stocks & Letters
Bank & Financial Statements Moving Documents & Receipts
Photo & Photo Albums Car & Bike Keys
House and Safety Box Keys Flight or Train Tickets
Tax Records School Records
College Records Computer Software & CDs
Medicine Home Movies & Personal Video Tapes

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